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Why Should You Use Our Collection Service?

  1. Immediate action is taken the same day your accounts are received.
  2. We provide full collection service on any size or type of account.
  3. Notices mailed informing the debtor to take his past debt seriously.
  4. Direct phone contact with debtor.
  5. Custom service based on your needs.

Credit Reporting

All accounts are reported to Experian, Trans Union and Equifax every 30 days.

Predictive Dialer (Automated Telephone System)

The Predictive Dialer eliminates no answer and busy signals, freeing our account representatives to speak to live contacts. The Predictive Dialer allows our collectors to increase the contact rate to debtors.

Skip Tracing

We use the following companies to aid in our search for debtors that have moved or have no telephone numbers. (Accurint-Lexis-Nexis • Credit Bureau’s)

Payment Reporting

When our company receives payments, they are posted to the accounts and deposited into a client trust account daily. All payments are verified by a supervisor for audit purposes. Monthly remittance shall be made by the 10th of each month.

Methods of Payment

Our company accepts payment on your accounts via CHECK or CREDIT CARD by phone.

Attorney Service

Accounts that continue to ignore demands for payment, we offer attorney services. Legal action will not be taken without your written authorization.

Client Service

Friendly, personal and prompt service with our clients is a priority. We will keep you up-to-date on your accounts. Easy to read formats.

Account Security

Our databases are fully encrypted to insure the privacy of your information and account details.

Depending on your needs, the following reports are available:

  • Active Accounts Reports
  • Performance Analysis Report
  • Closed/Returned Report
  • New Account Acknowledgement
  • Client Statement (Statement will itemize all payments and collection fees.)